Business Household Co Chau Sausage Production Facility

So 63B, khu 1B, Thi tran Can Đuoc,huyen Can Đuoc,tinh Long An Tỉnh Long An


Co Chau Sausage 

Eight years ago, Ms. Luu Thi Kim Chau, who comes from a family that has a long history of producing fresh sausages in the Can Duoc district of Long An province, decided to go into business for herself. She created a brand of Co Chau sausage with a distinctive flavor while always upholding the highest standards of food safety and cleanliness. She had few clients at first when she initially split, but she always remained aware that she couldn't compete on price and instead had to establish a name for herself via the quality of her goods. She has prioritized food safety and cleanliness, maintaining her trustworthiness, with the goal of providing customers with the greatest goods possible. Mrs. Chau said, "No matter how we do business at home, we have to ensure that our consumers do the same. Fresh pig is used to make Co Chau fresh sausage, which is then spiced according to tradition. Fresh sausage from Co Chau has a delightful flavor, enticing scent, and a unique chewy texture. We took care to reduce the fat during manufacture in order to appeal to clients who favor inexpensive and nutritious food. Products are prepared using the finest technological methods possible to assure customer satisfaction in terms of flavor and food safety.