Vinh Hung: National flag line, the pride of people along the border

08/11/2023 742 0
Thời gian qua, Huyện đoàn Vĩnh Hưng phối hợp với Tỉnh đoàn và các ngành thực hiện công trình “Đường cờ Tổ quốc” đoạn đường từ Ngã ba Long Khốt đến Khu di tích lịch sử Quốc gia khu vực Đồn Long Khốt thuộc xã biên giới Thái Bình Trung

Recently, Vinh Hung District Youth Union coordinated with the Provincial Youth Union and other sectors to carry out the project "Fatherland flag road" on the road from Long Khot Junction to the National Historical Relic Area of Long Khot Fort area in the border commune. Thai Binh Trung with a length of 6.7 km, 500 flagpoles, a total cost of 300 million VND and awarded study support funds worth 100 million VND to poor students in border areas.
The National Flag Road project was completed in the pride and excitement of local people. Walking on the project covered with flying flags, Mr. Tran Thanh Phuong of Trung Thanh hamlet, Thai Binh Trung commune happily shared: "The project not only brings many innovations to the homeland but also brings joy and joy to every person. the heart of the Vietnamese people. Deploying and implementing the National Flag Trail is a good way to do it and has noble meaning. Besides creating highlights and urban aesthetics, flying red flags with yellow stars also Reminding the young generation today and tomorrow to be grateful to heroic martyrs, to better understand the profound and sacred meaning of the Fatherland's flag."
The national flag line reminds young generations today and tomorrow to better understand the profound and sacred meaning of the national flag. Hanging the national flag is an expression of patriotism, national pride, and a sense of responsibility of each Vietnamese person; contributing to propagandizing and educating traditions for generations, especially the younger generation, to be more appreciative and proud of the Fatherland. Besides creating an aesthetic highlight, the "Fatherland Flag Road" also arouses patriotism, encourages the spirit of solidarity, and builds an increasingly prosperous and beautiful locality./.

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