Vinh Hung - Heroic memories on the Vam Co Tay river relic - Doan Tuyen Binh

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Vinh Hung is a district with many rivers and canals, of which the Vam Co Tay River - Tuyen Binh section experienced many heroic historical events against the French and Americans by the people of Vinh Hung district in particular and the people of Dong Thap Muoi in general. . In the book "Vinh Hung - History of revolutionary traditions" published in November 1999 under the direction of the Standing Committee of the Long An Provincial Party Committee, by Former Secretary of the Kien Tuong Provincial Party Committee Tran Ngoc Group and Former Member of the Provincial Standing Committee Long An Party Committee - Former Secretary of Vinh Hung District Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Liem jointly implemented, there is a passage written: "Vam Co Tay river runs to Lo Gach river, reaches Long Khot river to Binh Chau, runs through Tam Son area to the province Soai Rieng, from the center of Vinh Hung district to Moc Hoa, to Tan An Town to Soai Rap river. At the end of the 18th century, the Vam Co Tay River had a winding water path, dense vegetation, and marshy land until it flooded, the water overflowed, and on land you could go by boat.
"The name of the Vam Co Tay River from Mr. Ca Bay's house, to Chua Noi, Rach Bay, Dau Sau, Ca Rung, Khang Chien canal today is Ngang canal, Vinh Dai commune, etc. has entered the history of the army's resistance war. Because this place was once the base of the Southern level agencies in the years 1947-1950-1951. When the French colonialists occupied, our people fell into the situation of "one neck and two eyes". Life is filled with countless difficulties and hardships." Born and raised during the chaos of war, at an age where he could not eat enough to worry, Mr. Nguyen Van Lanh of Rach Dinh hamlet, Tuyen Binh commune, told clearly about the years of oppression by the French colonialists: "they went Every time a ship in the river comes to a house, it sends troops to burn the house, steal chickens, pigs, and rice from the people. Because when the French ship comes, the people have to run into the forest to hide." Not only Mr. Lanh, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhanh lives at the same address, fortunately survived decades of participating in the revolution and was repeatedly arrested and brutally beaten by the enemy. This year he is 84 years old. Mr. Nhanh recalls his age. Young people proudly participated in the anti-French revolution: "When I was 10 years old, I participated in making messengers, transmitting signals, and spreading leaflets to help our soldiers. It was only after the Geneva Agreement that there was a ceasefire." Nine long years of experiencing many difficulties and hardships, with a courageous fighting spirit, the Geneva Agreement on Indochina was finally signed in 1954, forcing France to end the war in South Vietnam. However, at that time, the country was still divided into two regions, the South was still under the enemy's domination. This time, taking advantage of France's weakness, the US imperialists carried out their ambition by bringing Ngo Dinh Diem back to prepare to set up a puppet government in South Vietnam under the intervention of the Southeast Asian military alliance led by America founded. The people of Tuyen Binh commune, Vinh Hung district continued to fight stubbornly against the imperialist invaders during the 21 long years of resistance.
During the years of fighting the Americans, many large and small battles took place, many times causing the enemy to waste their forces and our troops to be depleted, but with a spirit of steel, our soldiers and people were not afraid of hardships, using rudimentary weapons. can still repel the puppet government's minions. As a family with a revolutionary tradition, many brothers and sisters sacrificed their lives in the resistance and were injured due to the war. Wounded soldier class 4/4 Nguyen Van Nhanh was in and out of prison for being captured by the enemy during missions. This year, he is 84 years old and bears many traces of war. Despite his old age, he is always proud when talking about the fierce battles on the Vam Co Tay river flowing through Tuyen Binh commune: "countless battles have been fought." The battle that impressed me the most was the Battle of Crocodile Head, a platoon of only 12 people defeated an entire platoon of dozens of enemy soldiers, killing 5 people, wounding many other enemies and capturing 8 guns. heavy weapons could not be taken, that was the battle that I was most proud of in my life as a revolutionary." Vam Co Tay River, Tuyen Binh Commune, is also a witness of the defeat of the enemy's "Crazy Buffalo" battalion to maintain the strategic corridor from the border to Area 8 in 1968, the enemy fleet was swept away, terrorizing the planet. god of the people. Arriving at Ben Tram hamlet, they were attacked by the Tuyen Binh guerrilla team and a part of battalion 504, sinking one ship and damaging another ship. In this battle, Tuyen Binh guerrillas destroyed and wounded 17 enemies and captured 20 guns of all kinds. Participating in fighting the Americans during this period, wounded soldier 2/4th class - Mr. Nguyen Van Phien was born in 1941, his memory had decreased due to old age, but when he heard us ask about his achievements, he recalled the battle. attack at the end of December 1967, at that time two enemy warships sailed up to Crocodile Head, here our troops were prepared and under the command of Kien Tuong Province, our troops defeated one remaining enemy warship. lying in the Melaleuca forest, his body was lost."

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